Feedback from
seminar participants:

“Thank you so much for the fascinating training! It really was amazing! I have learned a lot. I am so happy that these subjects are finally being discussed in Germany and that our consultancy is a part of it.”
“The training is characterised by its interactive exercises, practical orientation and role plays with a real actor.”
“You are a true role model for business women. You have a very positive radiance and I can sense success, optimism and a hands-on approach to our topics.”
“You are passionate and enthusiastic about Female Empowerment. You combine it with the latest scientific knowledge.”
“You create a trusting environment and offer valuable feedback. You approach things with in a calm, gentle manner, but with great impact.”
“You are a fantastic coach, because you create a space where others can open up. You empower participants to also work on deeper topics. You equip us with tips and tools that enable us to grow effectively.”
“Your passion is radiant! You combine creativity and ease with the business world. Thank you for your warmth!”
“You are such a tough woman and yet feminine – a true role model! I am thankful to know you. I admire how you walk your path with dignity and radiate self-worth and self-love into the world. You are a lighthouse for all women on their journey!”
“Dorothea is a very good, competent and authentic trainer, who has many years of experience in consulting. She prepares her content very well and shares her knowledge in an interactive and well-structured manner.”
“The content is very valuable for my work. The process was diverse and inspirational. It was a real mix of theory and practice. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed, yet always professional. Dorothea moderates and leads the group in a way that allows a lot of interaction, while delivering the content in a very structured and targeted manner.”
“Your experience from industry, paired with your methodical approach, is fantastic.”


Dorothea supported me through a professional re-orientation a few years ago, with great success. Based on this experience, we continued our collaboration even after I had made my career shift.

Today, our regular coaching meetings focus on two topic areas. The first is my overarching professional development. This concerns the basic line of development and the specification and maturing of ideas. The other topic area revolves around concrete, short-term challenges in my daily work. Together, we generate reflections and approaches regarding my basic positioning towards specific matters.

I strongly recommend this type of coaching. The regular intervals promote structured and targeted self-development. In addition, the external view illuminates new perspectives and helps to cut through Gordian knots. Dorothea is the perfect counterpart for me in the process. Her empathy, professional experience and creativity in her approach to questioning make every coaching appointment a success!

Jörn K., Partner in a consultancy firm

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a Leadership Vision with Dorothea Derakhchan as part of a leadership development program for several months. Dorothea has many strengths which I appreciated in every session of our coaching program: her empathy, her genuine interest in my personal context, and her professionalism, combined with her wide expertise. Her ability to accompany me in recognizing, developing and employ my own strengths deeply impressed me. My collaboration with Dorothea has deeply enriched my personal and professional development, far beyond what I could have expected!”

Yujin S., Manager in a consultancy firm

“I love change and challenges. I always need a goal to challenge myself and develop my full potential. The coaching sessions with Dorothea follow a structured approach. She quickly builds a foundation of trust. Together, we can identify potential problems and ‘false’ expectations towards myself, as well as recognise uncertainties. This helps me to clearly define my expectations towards myself. I can rest assured that I am choosing the right path for myself. The coaching helps me to continously develop myself. And not a session goes by where we do not heartily laugh together!”

Alexandra B., Partner in a consultancy

“Dorothea Derakhchan employs the perfect mix of toughness and feminine charm to develop constructive solutions even in conflict-ridden Alpha-Teams. She follows a clear structure and a stringent time plan. She allows enough room for exchange. She is very experienced in dealing with different conflicts of interests and disputes, and she has helped us to find sustainable solutions as a team.”

“You take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. You are humble and professional. You perceive yourself as an instrument for developing the potential of your clients.”

Carsten S., Cooperative partner

“You are so good! You dig deeper and deeper and I found so many revelations in the Coaching Session!”

Ishita B., Senior Manager in a consultancy firm

“You are such a tough woman and yet feminine – a true role model! I am grateful to know you. I admire how you walk your path with dignity and radiate self-worth and self-love into the world. You are a lighthouse for all women on their journey!”

Susanna L., Manager in a consultancy firm

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dorothea Derakhchan on career development coaching, and cannot think of a better person to conduct such trainings. Dorothea is a fantastic coach who demonstrates the perfect balance between challenging ideas and behaviours, whilst bringing a great deal of emotional intelligence into her sessions. One of the many qualities she brings to the table is her genuine credibility, rooted in years of corporate work experience at a senior manager level: she truly understands the challenges and opportunities from the inside and is able to identify and stimulate new thinking and behaviours to unlock and boost potential, personal and professional growth. I cannot speak highly enough of her competencies; she has consistently enabled me to materialize the desired positive outcomes discussed in our coaching sessions.”

Mikaela G., Manageratan international insurance company