Advisor Program 

for Consulting Firms

The seminar program for effective consulting based on trust and persuasiveness.


If you are familiar with one or more of the following phenomena, the Trusted Advisor Program is the right fit for you:


Classical consulting and pre-fabricated solutions are a thing of the past.

It’s simple to just look up mere technical knowledge; decision-makers are not interested in meaningless, polished-up presentations and know-it-all consultants.

Your clients want to collaboratively find solutions and co-create their future.

You need competent, team-oriented consultants who meet their clients on equal grounds. Trust is important, both on a professional and personal level.

You need to manage conflicting interests and goals.

You face conflict potential in the partner team, especially when it comes to challenging issues such as strategic direction. If you and your leadership team disagree, this can have a huge impact on the whole company.


What you can expect from the program:


A clear vision is essential in order to develop a sustainable foundation for unified development. A vision provides constructive optimism right from the start. Utilised well, this can bring new energy for real change. You will feel that joint action is both possible and crucial.

You want to establish a clear “Why” as your foundation. Your goal is to define and train your collaborative effort. This “Why” must be understood both internally and externally. It provides a clear orientation and enables strong identification with the values of your consultancy.

You are looking for an effective way to develop your leadership team, where they can find and strengthen their common foundation through constructive dialogue. You need someone who understands the dynamics of a consultant-partnership of “Alpha Males/Females”. Using well-founded methods, I will help you to improve collaboration in your team. The right team spirit and identification with your purpose are key: they determine whether the common values and spirit of your consultancy are embodied in your interactions with each other and with your clients.   

You would like your experienced consultants to develop into trustworthy, team-minded sparring partners. This personal development will make them more relevant as consultants. As Trusted Advisors, they will work collaboratively with their clients to find solutions.

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Program Packages:

Package 01

The Journey –

Leadership Team Development in Four Steps

Step 1:
Designing the present from the emerging future:
Where are we heading to? Designing your vision. 

Using innovative methods, wie will design a strong, meaningful vision together, based on a strong “Why” and your Purpose. This will be your guiding light even in stormy times. 

Step 2: 
Binding commitment – the foundation for a high-performing leadership team

Goals: We direct ourselves toward to the characteristics of a high-performing team. Together, we will devise a binding “Code of Conduct”, i.e. the rules of the game for mutual collaboration. The goal is to generate a generally positive view of the team. We will achieve a trusting team environment in order to promote the strategic development of the organisation in the best way possible. Through continuous guidance and supervision of the management team (and individual coaching, where needed), we will ensure a successful journey toward your vision.

Hogan is an assessment tool from the USA developed for executives. I am a certified Hogan-Coach and have been using the tool successfully for many years. I use it to support managers, CEOs and proprietors.


Hogan is the only provider worldwide to include the three perspectives of personality (Potentials, Derailers, Motives/Values). This enables you to describe your employees in more detail. We will discuss this “As Is” analysis in a detailed feedback session. It forms the basis for an explicit development plan.

Hogan can also be used as a team tool. In its aggregated version, the Hogan-Teamview helps (leadership) teams to better understand their “Team-Autopilot”.
Team-Autopilot describes the dynamics that arise almost automatically from the similarities and differences between the personalities in the te


The Hogan-Teamview will answer the following questions:

  • What potential do we have on board? Who contributes what to the success of our team? This will help to simplify role distribution in projects and improve cohesion.
  • Do we have a common value base? Do certain values compete with each other? Do the basic motivations of the team align with the organisational purpose? The team will be sensitised toward their own values and motives, as well as those of their peers, so that they can adjust their communication style to promote collaboration.
  • „The dark side“ – how do we (inter)act and lead in cases of conflict and under stress? The team will better understand recurring conflicts and increase their competency in conflict resolution.

Outcomes of the leadership team development:   

  • Sustainable, strong team performance
  • More open communication and a mature conflict culture
  • Binding cooperation
  • Ability to co-create
  • Conscious employment of strengths, resources and synergies with a greater “fun factor”

Step 3:
Why do we do what we do? “Start with Why“- Workshop.

Using the proven method by Simon Sinek, we will uncover the raison d’etre of your team – therein lies your commitment to action.

Step 4:
How do we want to work?

Mission statement development: In this workshop, we will work with your values, team culture and interactions within your team and with the customer.


Trusted Advisor

You would like your consultants to become Trusted Advisors or further their competencies as a Trusted Advisor. This is done in alignment with your developed mission. You are searching for levers, concrete strategies and tools. You want to know how it works in practice.

The seminar „Effective Consulting as a Trusted Advisor“ will help you to discover these levers and to use them successfully. I will work together with you using a modular approach and a variety of strategies and tools.  


How it works:

Preparation through prior reading, reflections, key questions and advance calls with several participants.

2-day foundational seminar working with practical cases and role play with a professional actor

3 deepdives (effective self-management, supervision of practical cases, commitment-communication), can be booked individually as needed

“Make-it-stick” concept/transfer to daily work, with a Transfer Coach and opportunity for a supervision year-group


Your benefits:

The concrete strategies, opportunities and tools employed in the Trusted Advisor Training will

  • Strengthen your presence and charisma – your personality will become your strongest impact factor.
  • Generate greater relevance amongst decision-makers.
  • Help you to achieve your goals by focusing on what matters.
  • Define clear intentions to make you faster and more effective.
  • Build customer intimacy and trust.
  • Ensure that you are not be replaceable. You will build stable and long-term client relationships.
  • Teach you to motivate others toward commitment through personal persuasiveness and binding cooperation.
  • Lead you to faster success in your projects through teamwork.
  • Make you more confident, persuasive and successful on your journey to becoming a Trusted Advisor. You will enjoy your work more.


Becoming a Trusted Advisor, step by step:
What you can expect: 

  • You will learn the foundations of successfully exerting direct influence as a Trusted Advisor.
  • You will learn to use the three levers of effective Trusted Advisory. You will use concrete tools that can increase your level of influence.

“I” Level More presence, personality and charisma through strategic self-awareness and good self-management

“It” Level More clarity and focus on goals using effective influential strategies

“We” Level More trusting relationships, convinced colleagues and binding collaboration through commitment-communication

  • In the seminar, you and your colleagues will use a self-coaching tool to work on practical cases. This allows you to test the instruments for effective Trusted Advisory directly and in practice.
  • Experience the effects of your personality and communication directly through role plays with a professional actor. You will receive open Feedback and anchor your new learnings as a retrievable knowledge.


The benefits from this training for your consulting firm: 

  • Clear positioning and strong differentiation from your competitors.
  • More successful project completion, leading to higher retention and more cross-selling.
  • Stable contracts.
  • Increased status as an attractive employer.
  • Higher rates.

Your benefits from the overall program:

Noticeably clearer positioning.

My clients can rest assured that they are purchasing a comprehensive solution. This goes far beyond classic team development or training. It anchors the commonly developed vision deeply amongst the entire team. This enables a clear, noticeable positioning. The result is a stronger differentiation from your competitors and greater sustainability in the long-term.  

A team of Consultants with strong relational and persuasive skills.

You can feel confident that you have been provided with relevant formats, a safe space for development and proven tools. You will create a consultant team with high relational and persuasive skills. Your team of experienced personalities will have courage to shape the future together with their clients. They take off their mask and armour and co-create the future together with their clients. Inner access to mindfulness, trust and intuition opens up new solution pathways.

Solutions for your specific context.

My clients can rely upon my experience to identify and understand their pain points and challenges. I work together with them to find solutions for their specific context.


My core competencies:

  • I am an experienced, dedicated and competent developer of potential in a consulting and corporate environment. I don’t force anything on my clients, but pick them up where they stand.

  • I have an alert, inquisitive mind, a clear understanding and great empathy. In a lively, humorous and inspiring way I teach my clients how to get the best out of themselves and their teams – for the benefit of the whole.

  • Today, with my own holistic approach and individually tailored formats, I teach others about how to become a Trusted Advisor. By bringing in their own personality, by clarity of purpose and through effective communication, Trusted Advisors can win others over to their cause. They advise thereby substantially more effectively.

  • From several years of experience as manager in a corporate environment, and as a Business Coach in the consulting industry, I have a deep understanding of the dynamics and potential for conflict in power-heavy environments and top-level management teams. I have the right know-how to deal with these issues in a constructive and solution-oriented manner.


“Dorothea Derakhchan employs the perfect mix of toughness and feminine charm to develop constructive solutions even in conflict-ridden Alpha-Teams. She follows a clear structure and a stringent time plan. She allows enough room for exchange. She is very experienced in dealing with different conflicts of interests and disputes, and she has helped us to find sustainable solutions as a team.”
“Dorothea is able to build trust very quickly and creates openness in the group. She works with methods that are not commonplace in day-to-day consulting. She convinced me of them immediately. I have learned a lot from the training – also for my personal life.”
“Thank you so much for the fascinating training! It really was amazing! I have learned a lot. I am so happy that these subjects are finally being discussed in Germany and that our consultancy is involved.”
“The training is characterised by its interactive exercises, practical orientation and role plays with a real actor.”
“What I liked: great trainer, coherent and helpful content, high relevance for my daily work, the practical examples and exercises, the response to individual wishes and needs, and the great vibe of the group.”
“Dorothea is a very good, competent, authentic trainer with years of experience in leadership topics and working with executives. Her content is well-prepared, interactive and very well structured.”
“The content is very relevant for my work. The process was diverse and inspirational. It was a real mix of theory and practice. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed, yet always professional. Dorothea moderates and leads the group in a way that allows a lot of interaction, while delivering the content in a very structured and targeted manner.”
“The Trusted Advisor Training touches the core of our company philosophy and has a great impact on “What we are”.